Social Media Mentor

Social media mentor: What is it?

New to social media? Do you have a traditional marketing background? Want to jump the queue of graduates and get decades of knowledge fast? You need a social media mentor. Social media is constantly changing and if you’re in the Marketing world with traditional experience, you’ll be struggling to get clarity from this unregulated industry with mixed results.
  • How should you pitch yourself and your services?
  • What tools should you use?
  • What are the essential questions clients always ask which you need to know?
You can’t afford to bluff it; you need a short-cut service which fast-tracks you to the top of the list, be that for winning proposals, or just getting through interviews with confidence.
My experience of working with a huge range of companies over the last decade provides you with everything you need to take your social media strategy to the next level. Whether you work with big budget clients with tens of millions in turnover, or new businesses with low budgets, this is the conversation you need.
The list of social media sites are endless. Everyone can tell you what to do, but no-one is telling Why or How to do it best for you, your brand, and your target market. Don’t get swept up in the air of mystery, and ‘dark art’ of social media. It’s clear as day and simple to grasp whether your project is large or small.

Who is it for?

Marketing professionals used to working in a traditional landscape.

How does it work?

Depending on location, we can either meet in person – at yours, mine, or a mutual location – or we can do the whole thing on-line through Skype or phone calls. The first conversation is free and subsequent sessions will be within your budget and be rewarded for longevity. Contact me today to explore this option for you.

What can you expect to learn exactly?

Every single client I have spoken to with a £5m+ turnover company has (only) 6 top fears:
Privacy, Security, Copyright, Control, Time and Relevance, however, digital marketers and social media professionals learn the long hard way what these really mean and keep it for themselves. In the first free session I will cover these 6 topics, and hand over all you need to talk confidently about these 6 core competencies. In the second session, I will show you how to create a strategy which fits every single business out there. This will cover the Brand, Content, Skills, and the Audience/Market. Each area will be broken down and explained and you will be shown how they all link up and in what order you should tackle them per industry.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to use any social space no matter what flavour of the month service is popular.
  • How to answer any question regarding features and functions of a service you haven’t used yet.
  • How to effectively apply a convincing, effective strategy to any business model.
  • Learn the top questions clients ask which will stump you immediately.
  • How to manage client expectations and ensure your results win every time.
  • The true ROI of social media and Ad spend.
Think this is for you? Perhaps you know someone else who would be interested?

Contact me here now on
0781 8613577 or mark [at] markmapstone [dot] com
and let’s discuss your needs today.