Is a 100% effective social media engagement strategy even possible?

Once you stop treating people like numbers and start to speak to them like friends, a 100% effective strategy is possible. It’s not even hard; we do it all the time in conversation in the real world. Here is something you can do today, to prove to yourself that it can work for you. Do the following things, in order: 

(note: I used Twitter to test the process, but this can be achieved with any network)

  1. Ask your network for a great photo to use on one of your blog posts (it doesn’t matter what the photo is of, as long as it is a great photo). Unless you have no friends, someone will respond. 100% effective.
  2. Thank everyone who responds, and select a photo (supplier). 100% effective.
  3. Create the blog post and use the photo, credit the supplier with a link back to their website, and publish the post. 100% effective.
  4. Contact the individual (DM or @) who supplied the photo and send them the link. 100% effective.
  5. Tweet out the link publicly on your account and mention the supplier. 100% effective.
  6. The mentioned supplier (usually, if unprompted, and always, if prompted) retweets the content. 100% effective.

That’s it.

100% effective; people are engaged, and thousands of connections reached through one, simple, repeatable, measurable, and memorable strategy.

Try it today.