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Regarding the $5 million dollars the FBI are holding for me…

This morning the FBI contacted me regarding a credit card in my name with $5m dollars on it. It has been collected (personally) by a representative in West Africa and all I need to do is email to receive it. Obviously, this email is spam, and like me, 99.9% of people will ignore it. … Read more

Professional Podcast Video Production Equipment & Software

Every now and then I stumble across a great list of resources which I just have to grab and save elsewhere. Today I found a full list of professional podcast video production equipment & software and wanted to share it with people here. This list came from the good people at the Elegant Themes site … Read more

Decoding the language of Human Resources

Job hunting is difficult enough without businesses using confusing language to explain the role. I recently saw a job available for a PR Account Executive [Note: I’m aware this link to the job will expire in a few days], and thought, sheeesh, they could have written that better. It was too grandiose and convoluted in my opinion. … Read more

Google Business vs 16 Saint Andrews Court Wells BA5 2XX

Today I’ve updated my Google Business results page, and have decided to write a post about the benefits of living in 16 Saint Andrews Court in Wells BA5 2XX, and why you should consider a post about your address too. Saint Andrews Court is a nice block of flats at the end of a quiet … Read more

Envato $4 website offer

Fancy a $4 website?

Wow, I’ve just seen the Envato site offer of a full website installation and hosting for $4 a month. I can’t beat that but I am still promoting it. Why? Read on… Whilst it may appear to be a business killer for me, it’s actually not. It’s the best thing ever for my business. Most … Read more

Best Wordpress Import Plugin to Save your Ass: wpallimport

How to Easily Import Speadsheet Content

This is the best plugin I’ve found to really save your ass on a big project. It doesn’t matter how your spreadsheet is configured, it will cater for it, and work with any page template. Gold!

Wordpress Plugins

Essential WordPress Plugins Series

Wouldn’t be nice to know what’s possible with your WordPress site? Do you know what WordPress plugins are? There’s a high chance you don’t, if you’re running a WordPress website and have been handed the keys by your developer. Or maybe you are the developer and are just exploring WordPress and building websites for you … Read more

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Is your developer using a Theme in your next website build?

I had a conversation recently with a concerned client who was worried they were paying a lot of money for a website which uses a ‘theme’. They wanted to know if this was safe/secure and if the developer was ‘pulling a fast one’ with regard to doing the job.