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Will Podcasting Become the Next Big Thing?

The new big thing is coming… … and that thing is podcasting. Any iPhone user will probably have noticed the little purple Apple Podcast Logo  nestled within their app icons. This is new. It wasn’t there before and now, and with it, millions of people are discovering a new thing to shove in their ear-holes. This … Read more

A $113 Million Idea Conquering the World is a Beautiful Thing to Watch

This is the last Ice Bucket Challenge video you’ll ever need to see: a hypnotic visualization of one of the biggest viral philanthropic phenomenons ever. This video uses data from Google Trends to show how quickly the challenge spread across the globe. The 30-day period represented in this video, from August 7 though September 6, shows the trend … Read more

How to save £300 and tell your brand story

Today David Hieatt is holding a DoLecture workshop covering many topics. The tickets are £300 each and you, like me, probably aren’t there. I took a look at the topic list and saw that ‘how to tell your story’ was on it. I thought, ‘I’m qualified to advise on that!’ – on account of me recently completing a creative writing degree and being in business.

Making Money Online

So you’ve got something worth selling? Or perhaps you are thinking of setting up an on-line shop? There’s a huge number of bewildering options out there: what should you do? Take my advice and make things simple for yourself. There should be no head-ache in selling!

Why Can't I Get More Facebook Likes?

Generally the answer is because you’re being an idiot. However, you have no-idea you’re being one. It’s a good job that someone has gone out of their way to make it easier for you to understand. You’ve gotta see this infographic…