Paying Lip Service to Social Media

Several years into the coming of age of social media, most companies are still paying only lip service to the most significant communications paradigm shift in a century. by Dave Kerpen What I love about this article quote is the lip service reference. This is how I feel when so many people ‘try’ social media … Read more

On Scaling People

The most common unscalable thing founders have to do at the start is to recruit users manually.

What Should I Do If Someone Views My Profile On LinkedIn?

We get notifications every day – but it’s how we act which determines whether those notifications are any real use to us. Take LinkedIn for example: it shows you who has looked at your profile. Now what? Ignore it or act? Read about what I do to connect with people and become memorable…

The hard work of being a hyphenated business

Do you own website name with a hyphen in the middle of it? Did you know how much work you’re creating for yourself and your customers? Learn from the mistakes of others in this blog post looking at the trouble with hyphenated business names.

Password Protecting Pages Instantly

I’m surprised more people aren’t aware of password protection of pages in WordPress! It’s so simple, maybe people overlook it because they aren’t keen to click around their site. Adding a ‘private page’ to WordPress is simple. Here’s how you do it: – To the right of the ‘Add new Post/Page’ window (above the blue … Read more

On Rules…

We stopped playing by the rules a while ago and just started going, what the hell. Everything is falling apart around us, why not just trust our instincts, trust the creativity of the team. And make sure everybody’s having fun and working hard, but also know that we’re bringing something different out there. That’s all. … Read more

Local Social Media training in Wells?

If you wanted Social Media Training for your business or project, for personal or professional use in Wells, Somerset or the South West, where would you look? I decided to do a quick search on Google and see what could be found.

Businesses all over the South West, from Bristol, to Bath, Glastonbury, Wells, Street, Taunton and Weston-Super-Mare are being blasted by contacts at business networks and lunch meets, all being told the same thing: get blogging!

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How does your Social Media Strategy Compare to your Competitors?

I recently had a client refer to their competitor and ask, ‘they are doing x, shouldn’t we be doing that too?’ This question is very common and natural. You see people copying people everywhere. Copying people gets your brand ignored. Let’s get Twitter – everyone else has one Can we have a blog? We need … Read more

Is This A Spam Comment?

Sometimes you will get a comment on your blog like the one below: —————————— New comment on your post “SEO: youtube videos – getting more hits.” Author : (IP: , E-mail : [email protected] URL : Whois : Comment: I’ve been browsing online greater than three hours nowadays, but I never … Read more