What Online Services Should I Pay For?

If you’re starting off on-line, it’s good to know what you should pay for and what you should use for free. Here’s my guide: Website: WordPress My favourite is WordPress and for newbs a free wordpress.com account is the way to go. It allows you to play and figure things out, before going all out … Read more

New Blog? Now What? It's Not About You!

I come across this time and time again. People get a new blog and are lost about what to put on it. Invariably it ends up becoming another ‘broadcast’ channel which is dull to enjoy, difficult to write and a buried page of their site which no-one ever reads. How can you stop that? Here’s … Read more

Is it worth buying a touchscreen laptop?

Yes. I’ve bought a Sony Vaio touchscreen laptop – after a lot of research and button pressing in showrooms –  and have used the machine for long enough to give a good opinion of it: the touchscreen rocks. Assuming you’ve used a touchscreen-anything for long enough, I don’t need to explain the benefits; to have … Read more

Timing Social Media

Facts we should all be aware of direct from http://blog.kissmetrics.com/: Twitter: Tweet for retweets around 5pm; average CTR – between 1-4 times per hour; highest CTR at midweek & weekends between noon-6pm Facebook: Shares peak on Saturday, Noon sharing once every 2 days. Email campaigns by hour: (important to segment campaigns by Timezone) 6-10am – Mails … Read more

Write Your Social Manifesto

(The word ‘manifesto’ has more punch, but I’m really talking about ideologies) We have the (media) mechanism to organise armies, start new religions and uncover injustices in the world. So what do we do? We prattle on about our own insignificant lives, then wonder why no-one is listening? That’s fine if we don’t care who … Read more

Stop Tripping Yourself Up With Social Media

The recent removal of the business landing page on FB in favour of the Timeline, is the exact reason why I steer away from learning & teaching features and functions of social spaces. Occasionally I forget, and when someone requests ‘how do I.. ?’ type questions – I wobble. Sometimes, I get nervous if I … Read more

How to 'Subscribe to download' a PDF

I’ve just figured out how to capture someone’s email address and return them a free PDF, so I wanted to share that here. You’ll need a free http://mailchimp.com account. I’m sure http://campaignmonitor.com does it too, however I’ll be using MailChimp: 1: upload your PDF to your website and copy the url. 2: create a ‘thank you’ page on your … Read more

I've Tweeted Something I Shouldn't Have: What Should I Do?

The important thing is, not to wait until you make an error – test the process before something goes wrong. Sooner or later you will write something that you wish hadn’t gone public. Before you ask: you cannot edit a sent tweet. Period. You do not have the 15 minute window to edit a message … Read more

Should I back up all my tweets?

Twitter recently introduced a feature to download all your tweet history. Why would you want to do that? I asked my network this morning because I couldn’t think of a pre-caffeinated good reason, luckily I got three great ones back: @Documentally – https://twitter.com/Documentally “@markmapstone some people use twitter as a diary. Where does that diary go … Read more