Got a website, but need support?

Get a Website Care Plan from £40 per month

What is a Care Plan exactly?

A Care Plan is a personal service by me to look after your website. You’ll know my name, get to know me, and be able to email, message, or call me directly, 24/7, when there’s a problem. I am never ‘outsourced’. I’m even available when I’m on holiday!

I’ll be your Web Developer.

How does this differ from ‘Managed Hosting’?

Managed Hosting looks after the server (and backups) only. They do not look after your website files (pages, posts, images, videos, features & functions from plugins & themes etc). If something on the website breaks, you will still have to find a developer, get a quote, and schedule the work to update or fix things.

A Care Plan includes everything Managed Hosting does, plus the website itself!

Some Examples

Business critical fixes

Automatic updates are unscheduled and pushed out by developers to fix critical errors. Because these run immediately, they can ‘break’ websites from time to time. A Care Plan fixes these issues and keeps your business online when you need it. 

Give me examples:

  1. A contact form update conflicts with core website code. The website goes completely offline. This happens more commonly than people realise, but is often fixed so quickly you’ll never be aware of it. Without a Care Plan the website will stay offline until you notice.
  2. A theme update (new code) breaks the layout and design of the site. Say bye-bye to your nice design! You might be a lot more than just ‘off-brand’ for a while, your customers may not be able to use your website at all until this is fixed.

These are business critical updates that a Care Plan solves.

Security updates

There’s thousands of code files on your website that could open a backdoor for malicious activity. Developers are usually the first to alert others to problems find a solution to fix them before any malicious activity can occur. This is the peace-of-mind you need, and a Care Plan plugs these holes, warns about weaknesses, and cleans up any problems.

Content changes

Your prices may be wrong, your latest services are not displayed, your images are not current, and your News Blog shows nothing has been updated recently. This all leads to a direct loss in business because customers won’t feel confident about contacting you. A Content update is the easiest thing to do to look like you’re still open for business!

Website Business Advice

Working on lots of business websites gives me an insight into future: what works, where, and when. Having access to a website professional brings all that experience and insight into your business practices. Have you heard about GDPR concerns; Do you have questions about Terms & Privacy Policy pages? Analytics? Ads? Passwords? Operating an online business is about much more than creating or owning a website. You need someone to care about your business and advise the best possible solution for your goals.

Give me examples:

Is it more secure to have a complex password, a long password, or a both? The short answer is: a long readable one. But the longer answer is: It doesn’t matter. If a hacker wants to gain access to you website, a password won’t stop them. Passwords are starting to disappear, instead being replaced with mobile verification (2FA).

Get the Ai advantage

Ai tools are already being used in successful businesses today, are you? If not, you will be losing out. The creating of any text, whether brand new, editing of existing, or analysis for better decision making is a job Ai loves. Ask me how it can help you.

What happens without a Care Plan?

You can still contact me for fixes, but my quote will either be considerably more than several months of a Care Plan payment, or I’ll charge a hourly rate, and schedule in the work as soon as practically possible.