I’ve had my head buried in ebook production recently and it’s been fantastic. I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing all my skills together, learning new software and producing a great PDF conversion in a short time frame.

I wanted to state what I do, how I do it, who I do it for, and, importantly, how much it costs.

Some of my books

What: Text/PDF conversion to iPad/Kindle formats for non-fiction or fiction titles.

You deliver me a formatted PDF from your print house or design team, and I’ll convert that into a fully interactive iBook for the iPad. I will also produce a great Kindle version from the same files. You will receive at the end of the project a .azw3 file (for Kindle), and a .ibook file (for the iPad). You will also own all the original template files allowing you to make tweaks yourself or pass onto another eBook developer.

I can also work from any other files, not just PDFs. You can send me text files (preferable, and written in Markdown), Word Docs, or any other you can think of. Unlike many eBook ‘freelancers’, I can produce non-fiction books. These are generally difficult for many publishers due to the complex coding knowledge required to develop the titles. My background in HTML and CSS development allows me to get everything working as it should.

How is it done? Coding, Tools and Software

I work in HTML and CSS code on both Mac and PC to achieve both iOS and Kindle e-book formats. I work remotely and stay in contact throughout the production process to provide regular updates. I use a combination of brilliant tools and software to get the job done.

The majority of the work is completed in Apple’s iBook Author software, and Calibre for the Kindle version.

The production quality is high and communication is excellent to set your expectations before work commences. Both iOS and Kindle has its own little quirks and limitations, so you need to be aware of what is possible in advance. This reduces time (both in production and communication) and ensure a good product is handed to you on time and within budget.

Who is a typical client? Everyone!

This service is brand new and the options for production are limited. I know, I’ve tried to find good people! Therefore, I’m catering for fiction and non-fiction titles, for single book production, and large scale publishing houses.

It goes without saying that I can work with agents, authors, businesses (commercial, and non-commercial), as well as Government bodies and Educational establishments.

In time, I may choose to focus, but right now there is no need to 🙂

How much? One answer – cheap!

I charge £3.25 /hr. Peanuts huh?

This works out as £26 /day, or £130 /wk, or £520 /mth. On average, projects take 6 wks  (£130*6) = £780. For a fully interactive, dynamic, e-book – much like a website in it’s complexity – I think you will agree that this is very competitive.

Remember you get both iPad and Kindle versions, I can also throw in a .mobi version, as well as giving you all the original production files! Not only that but, as my production workflow is streamlined, I plan to produce e-books in less than the 6 weeks stated above. Therefore, you need to contact me today if you need a solid, specialised, e-book developer with commercial experience for the iPad and Kindle.