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Essential WordPress Plugins Series

Wouldn’t be nice to know what’s possible with your WordPress site?

Do you know what WordPress plugins are? There’s a high chance you don’t, if you’re running a WordPress website and have been handed the keys by your developer. Or maybe you are the developer and are just exploring WordPress and building websites for you or new clients.

I’ve recently realised that without good plugins, I couldn’t function. I certainly can’t develop my own plugins, and I’m sure many people would love to know which ones I use regularly, and couldn’t live without.

So, over the next few weeks–longer if I don’t get fed up–I’ll be telling you about the biggest and best and most utterly amazing life-saving plugins which have totally saved my bacon many times.

If you’re a developer, you may recognise some of your favourites and possibly discover some new ones; if you’re just a user of WordPress (not building them) you might discover some great features and functions to add into your existing website.

Either way, I hope you enjoy what’s coming  up 🙂