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Google Business vs 16 Saint Andrews Court Wells BA5 2XX

Today I’ve updated my Google Business results page, and have decided to write a post about the benefits of living in 16 Saint Andrews Court in Wells BA5 2XX, and why you should consider a post about your address too.

Saint Andrews Court is a nice block of flats at the end of a quiet road called Woodbury Avenue, Wells. As a web developer in Somerset, I was keen to get myself on the map. I hadn’t bothered to do so, yet I had advised all my clients to get on it!

Having finally put my business on-line, I checked out the results (below):

To my horror, I have ‘missing’ keywords of my address under each result. A quick Google led me to the Moz forums where someone suggested this could be a good opportunity to grab a result for my own address – if I write a blog post/content for it.

Why would someone search for my exact address you ask? I can’t think of a reason why anyone would. However, I can believe that Google may use it to index my business better. So if someone wants a WordPress Developer in Wells, Somerset, they (Google) will have a greater chance of accurately connecting me to someone who is nearby.

Think of this post as a confirmation of my address.

Try it yourself. Put your business address into Google and see what comes up. Do you have missing keywords too? Great, now you can go ahead and fix it.

This is the most keyword stuffed article I’ve ever written, but it’s all genuine, and a test. Time will tell if Google corrects my listing, but it’s worth a shot.

Mark 🙂