In the age of social media, how has social networking changed? Well, it’s a lot easier to be personal, friendly and approach people. This is how I became aware of, connected with and introduced myself to Will Hillier:

  1. I got a notification that he viewed my profile
  2. I viewed his profile – I couldn’t message him, because we weren’t connected
  3. I searched for his Twitter profile
  4. Found him and saw that he loves running
  5. I went to amazon and found a book he might like, and…
  6. Sent him a message (or 3) on Twitter about our hobbies

Result: we now have mutual admiration for each other and our interests (we are now memorable), and yet we are still not ‘connected’ in the social networking sense of acc’s and profiles.

Below are some screenshots of the above steps I followed to connect up with Will.

Do you use this process? Or some other? Or do you do nothing? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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