How do I get someone to retweet me?

How to get a Retweet….

One of the best things you can do to get attention is to get a Retweet. Once someone with a lot of followers notices you and shares your content, visits will arrive in chunks of 100s.

Most people achieve this, however most do not analyse why it happened and how to replicate it.

I have… and here’s one way to achieve it:

1: Find people in your industry with a regularly updated blog.

2: Check their twitter followers, make sure they have a good number.

3: Go through their older blog posts and find something great that didn’t get much attention.

4: Write a new (brief) blog post on your site showing off their content, giving them praise and linking back to their site.

5: Do not use the post to promote you in any way.

6: Include their name in your blog post title.

7: Once you’ve made the post live, write a twitter message and include their @name in the tweet.

8: They will find you and people that understand social and need things to talk and tweet about are highly likely to retweet you.

9: Repeat this every week and good things will happen. I promise.

I followed this approach on a brand new blog and achieved a 300% increase in visits with my first attempt. I’ll maintain this pattern every week and report back.


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