Should I be on Google+?

I am completely ignoring Google+ … and this is why:

Google+ has the potential to completely change the way businesses operate. We’re already using Mail, Maps, Search, Analytic’s, Reader & Docs etc. However, it is still being shaped, both in Google’s roll out to the public, to the adoption into our working lives & the establishment of best practice. The system is very, very ‘early adopter’. I don’t have any desire to be ‘first’, to impress my peers or innovate through experimentation with it. I’m happy for everyone else to figure it out.

My focus (with regard to specific services only) is on Facebook (because it has ‘tipped’), closely followed by Twitter (because it is at tipping point).

I believe, if it tips, it will become an essential set of communication tools for business, much like the blackberry explosion. Until then, G+ has a long way to go.

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