What should I talk about on my social space?

What You Do, Is Not What You Talk About

This is a be point that many companies struggle with. However, once you grasp the idea and run with it, you can make great progress in your social strategy:

If you are a laundry company, do not talk about cleaning clothes. Your customers probably don’t care about about your laundry services, they probably care more about cleanliness, technological advances which will make their lives easier, amazing, rare, quirky, odd stories from customers or engineers etc. This is the human angle on the ‘laundry industry’. Shock me, wow me, make me laugh, amaze me. This is what should be shared on a social space. Sure you can sprinkle in your products and services, but too much of it and people won’t engage, respond, react and may leave your space all together!

Other examples are:

Fans of a Band, aren’t just interested in the Bands music… they are interested in music generally… so share, interests, equipment, experiments & inspirations (including other bands!) Then you will fuel your audience.

A CupCake business may be tempted to talk about the new cakes… but resist. Your customers probably love baking generally… so talk about tools, tips, techniques, things you’ve seen and heard, places you’ve been inspired by, the books you’ve bought and love, your worst baking disaster, talk about your competitors! You’re all in the same industry.. you all have the same concerns and issues to overcome.

An Arts venue may have a run of shows to promote, but your customers will have an interest in the Arts generally…. share what is happening on the otherside of the world, what new special effects are being developed (could you interview a stage hand?), show amazing lighting design, talk about audience experiences, or discover new designs in venues from inspirational architects.

This is the type of social content which will really connect with your customers.. and they will be in no doubt that you really love the industry you are in, and are on the leading edge of knowledge for that field… they will certainly keep coming back for more.


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