Should I outsource my social media?

Don’t outsource your company voice

This great post by Chris Brogan has inspired me to think about companies. I fully understand that celebrities can’t hang on their every followers tweet 24/7…. they are people in demand, obviously.

The rest of us? We can manage it. I would never give away my mobile phone, would you? Then the idea of giving away your personal outlet to the world is just as bizarre. You wouldn’t give up your personal FaceBook profile to another person either surely?

So now to companies. For some reason, it appears to be very common, to outsource their reputation to an external PR or Marketing agency to ‘be the voice of their brand’ (for a small fee, terms and conditions apply, this does not affect your statutory rights).

C’mon. What a no brainer. If you have let your twitter go to an external agency, get it back tomorrow. For every day that your customers and clients realise you aren’t on the end of their ‘phone’.. you’re frustrating them, annoying them, and pushing them further away, when all your time and money is trying to do the exact opposite.

It’s the little things sometimes that send people running in the opposite direction… let make sure your twitter account isn’t on that list!

Chris Brogan inspired this post. Read more about it here


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