What are the basic principals of Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Is… :

* … people stories enabled by technology.
Action: Learn to spot opportunities and know how to document them.
Challenge: Record a short video about the process of a product or service offering.

* … dialog (conversation) not monologue (Broadcasting).
Action: Throw formal corporate speak out the window. Practice: informal, friendly responses.
Challenge: Take a current piece of media (press release, web copy etc), rewrite it informally.

* … a long term (free) investment.
Action: Review your approach and alter it regularly.
Challenge: Plan out 6 months of activity around a product, service or event. Stick it out. Review at the end.

* …a layer across all areas of business. (It isn’t ‘marketing’).
Action: Empower / Educate as many people as possible to use social tools in their daily routine.
Challenge: Give everyone a company twitter acc. Give everyone a blog. To talk about their work / roles. Commit to post every day for a month. Then review.

* … not 9-5pm, Mon-Fri.
Action: Let staff create the strategy and make it a mobile one, to include everyone, wherever they are.
Challenge: Organise a staff social event / evening. Give them a budget. It must be online and include all.

* … not about what you do sell or offer.
Action: Stop talking about your business. Talk about what is new, exciting & interesting.
Challenge: If your business is Shoes, find and share amazing journey’s, climbs, footprints & walks. Medical innovations: Artificial limbs? Sporting achievements?


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