Useful & Useless

How do I get someone to retweet me?

How to get a Retweet…. One of the best things you can do to get attention is to get a Retweet. Once someone with a lot of followers notices you and shares your content, visits will arrive in chunks of 100s. Most people achieve this, however most do not analyse why it happened and how … Read more

When is the best time to do anything online?

Timing Social Media Facts we should all be aware of direct from Twitter:  Tweet for retweets around 5pm; average CTR – between 1-4 times per hour; highest CTR at midweek & weekends between noon-6pm Facebook:  Shares peak on Saturday, Noon sharing once every 2 days. Email campaigns by hour: (important to segment campaigns by Timezone) 6-10am … Read more

How do I know what people want?

Welcome to the Ruder Finn Mobile Index. [Don’t want Mobile? Try the Intent Index] Yep, whilst this might be specifically for Mobile use.. we’re so mobile these days that you had just as well include everyone and everything in this study. View the index, then question the approach to content, positioning and interaction in that social … Read more

What are the basic principals of Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Is… : * … people stories enabled by technology. Action: Learn to spot opportunities and know how to document them. Challenge: Record a short video about the process of a product or service offering. * … dialog (conversation) not monologue (Broadcasting). Action: Throw formal corporate speak out the window. Practice: informal, friendly responses. … Read more

How should my business start blogging?

Blogging Guidelines for the Workplace A simple guide for companies / employees to start blogging: 1: Sign up to a free service. A company should not host employee blogs internally, as using an external service allows both parties to make a clean break should the need require it. A blog away from the company will … Read more

What should I talk about on my social space?

What You Do, Is Not What You Talk About This is a be point that many companies struggle with. However, once you grasp the idea and run with it, you can make great progress in your social strategy: If you are a laundry company, do not talk about cleaning clothes. Your customers probably don’t care … Read more

Should I be on Google+?

I am completely ignoring Google+ … and this is why: Google+ has the potential to completely change the way businesses operate. We’re already using Mail, Maps, Search, Analytic’s, Reader & Docs etc. However, it is still being shaped, both in Google’s roll out to the public, to the adoption into our working lives & the … Read more

Pointless Dull Infographics

Yesterday I learned that the worlds information is doubling everyday… an incredible 1.8 zettabytes! And this incredible number has been turned into an infographic to help us all process the scale. Impressive? No. It’s a load of useless old toss. Why? Because an infographic is supposed to inform and educate. After viewing it, I am … Read more